The 12th Floor remains open, although the majority of counsel are working remotely. Our barristers continue to provide advice and represent their clients in courts and tribunals using telephone and video. Members can be contacted on their chamber’s telephone numbers and email. Our clerk, Trish Hoff, can assist you in getting in contact with counsel or providing electronic or hard copy material to them. Trish can be contacted on You can read further updates about our working arrangements here.


Members of Chambers accept e-briefs and use file sharing software, such as Dropbox or ShareFile, to facilitate collaboration, increase efficiency and reduce the cost of physically preparing, sending and maintaining hard copy documents. To assist solicitors, we have prepared a quick guide to briefing our counsel virtually which can be found here.

Conferences can be conducted by telephone or audio-visual means using any of the well-known platforms such as Cisco-Webex, Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, WhatsApp and Microsoft Teams, with written advices or opinions issued electronically.