The 12th Floor remains open, although the majority of counsel are working remotely. Our barristers continue to provide advice and represent their clients in courts and tribunals using telephone and video. Members can be contacted on their chamber’s telephone numbers and email. Our clerk, Trish Hoff, can assist you in getting in contact with counsel or providing electronic or hard copy material to them. Trish can be contacted on You can read further updates about our working arrangements here.


12 Wentworth Selborne Chambers is at the forefront in the provision of private means of alternative dispute resolution, in particular, by mediation, arbitration and expert determination. It has had its own suite of purpose-built mediation and arbitration rooms for over 10 years, one of the first chambers in Sydney to do so and the only set within the Wentworth Selborne Chambers complex to have such a facility.

Our mediators, arbitrators and expert determiners include former judges of the Federal Court of Australia and the Supreme Court of NSW together with experienced Senior Counsel and Junior Counsel. They can be found here.

Our mediators have experience in “hosting” or conducting online mediations using any platform that the parties choose and, in particular, Zoom and Cisco Webex.
They are adept at providing a secure online mediation platform that mirrors the practice of traditional face-to-face mediation, providing both a virtual joint party room and private breakout rooms which the mediator can join virtually. Using this system, parties and their legal representatives are able to meet together and individually, while the mediator can join any party, or combination of parties, confidentially, at any time.

Members of Chambers regularly appear at mediation and arbitrations including, more recently, at mediations conducted online.

Online mediation requires bespoke preparatory measures not encountered in a traditional face-to-face mediation. Our mediators are ready to help you tackle the challenges of mediating online. Our mediators have developed protocols to ease that process and ensure that online mediation remains a viable option for the resolution of disputes. We can also arrange for online demonstrations of virtual mediation to ensure clients and practitioners feel comfortable with the setting.

Our arbitrators can also conduct online arbitration and will work collaboratively with the parties and their legal representatives to ensure that, where institutional rules do not otherwise provide, protocols are put in place, such as those described in the Seoul Protocol on Video Conferencing in International Arbitration and procedural directions made to meet the particular needs of the dispute.